AI-Driven Guest Engagement and Operations Management Technology

With the skills, experience, and people to solve today’s business challenges, SP Square assists hospitality organizations of all sizes to maximize revenues and resources by enabling each to welcome guests, deliver exceptional service, and build greater customer loyalty.

SP Square delivers proven hospitality technology solutions that:

1. Delivers a Connected, Contactless Guest experience – building confidence and responding quickly to guest requests when short-staffed
  • Checklists and Scheduled Staff Reminders for cleaning and preventive maintenance
  • Gets COVID-19 standards right across and within properties and increases guest assurance with COVID-19 messaging (e.g. about room cleanliness, status, etc.)
  • Jeanie AI active problem resolution ensures important guests needs are systematically transferred to MOD, not waiting for manually staff intervention, or “Monday morning quarterbacking” after guest leaves (e.g. Medallia, Trip Advisor)

2. Is the Right Sized Investment – Single Source Operations Management + Text Messaging
  • 30-Day complimentary Trial Subscription
  • Monthly subscription starting at $1.50 per room
  • Jeanie automatic interaction into work order systems reduces staffing needs
3. Grows revenue with proactive merchandizing (even for the select service properties, not just upscale)
  • Messaging to promote and communicate with guests (and groups of guests based on specific attributes)
  • Respond to guest questions about local attractions, restaurants, and retail
4. Communicates with all guests, not just “app users”
  • No app to download
  • Web Application (compatible with all mobile devices and computer operating systems)
  • Guest uses on device
5. Provides Better Service and Training
  • Included in monthly subscription with unrelenting commitment to customer relationships