Testimonial: Booking Room Nights One Text Message at a Time

Testimonial: Booking Room Nights One Text Message at a Time

Joseph Imbrogno

Director of Guest Excellence at Plunge Beach Resort

Need a towel? Send a text. Wifi passcode? Send a text. Late check-out? Send a text! SMS systems for hotels are not new and play a major role in crafting the guest experience by providing personalized, real time and on demand services, controlled largely by the guest. With this in mind, selling via text in any capacity can easily be perceived as spam and quickly sour the entire guest experience. On the other hand, I’d offer that not every sales message has to be “spammy”. Our experience has shown that sharing a text message that provides the right offer at the right time in the right way is welcomed by our guests.

Margaritaville in the Ozarks

Elevate ADR and Incremental Revenue with SP Square Solutions

At Plunge Beach Resort, we’ve been successful in increasing the length of stay for guests that are scheduled to depart by offering them an opportunity to stay one more night at a rate that’s just too good to pass up.

In addition to leveraging our guest messaging platform, Jeanie AI by SP Square Systems, for the promotion, we include email marketing, o

n-property signage as well as in-person contact in our approach. Since starting the program in September 2020, our “Stay Longer” Promo has yielded from 30 to 60 additional room nights on a monthly basis with an enhanced ADR of 18% - 25% as a result of direct booking of these extensions, and additional room revenue of up to 2.5% per month.

At a time when travel is significantly reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hotels and resorts are doing everything they can to attract those who are traveling. Putting forth a consistent and concerted effort to keep guests on property longer once they arrive results not only in additional room nights and incremental room revenue, but could also produce increased non-room revenue at your outlets, spa, etc.

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